Games for your companions

You have a couple of friends, don’t you? You have your team! Our games suggest immersive alternative to bowling, bars and going to the movies. You will see who your friends are from the different angle and what bonding feels like while you are having a real fun.

Games for your work associates

The integral gears of a successful cooperation within a company are the teambuilding events. Our quest-rooms will help to know your work-mates better, watch them solve complex problems as a cohesive unit, and discover unexpected leaders.

Games for gamers

If you get crazy about puzzles, logic traps, and computer games, then you’ve got yourselves to the right place. Our rooms have gathered gaming technologies, logic maze, and computer games together. Everyone will find puzzles that they can enjoy.



Reckless Jack

2-6 persons Average
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Duel (coming soon)

2-5 players Средний
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